"Don't Hesitate, Negotiate"

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  What type of ID do I need to bring in if I want to sell an item? 
A:  If you agree to sell us an item and accept our offer, you will have to show two valid forms of ID, including a picture ID (such as a valid drivers license or state issued ID).

Q:  How do I know what my item is worth?
A:  We make very fair offers and we encourage our customers to get other opinions on items before they bring the item in. However we always pay the highest prices! 

Q:  Is there a warranty on the items I purchase? 
A: Most of the items we sell have warranties, either through Fast Cash or through the individual company's factory warranties which usually consist of one to two years.

Q: If i pawn my item can i get it back?

A: Yes if you pawn your item you can get it back by paying the interest and principal or you can renew the loan at 90 days by paying the interest only. 

Q:  Do you test the items you buy and sell?
A:   Yes, every item goes through a multi-point inspection before it is bought or sold on our floor.

Q:  Do you actually hand me cash?
A:   Yes, if we mutually agree on a price then we hand you cold hard cash or a check if you prefer! If you would like to purchase something in our store we will offer you a higher dollar value in store credit!