"Don't Hesitate, Negotiate"

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If You're Selling...

We offer the best possible price for your merchandise. When you sell to Fast Cash you can be confident that you will get the best deal on your item. We take pride in giving you a great monetary offer as well as a respectful judgment-free environment.



We offer a 30 day layaway on all items in store. Inquire within for more details

Jewelry Cleaning/Watch battery Replacement

We offer jewelry cleaning and premium energizer watch battery replacement. Any jewelry or watches that are purchased from Fast Cash will receive lifetime jewelry cleaning or battery replacement.

If You're Buying…

We offer lower than wholesale pricing on many items. We carry a broad range of merchandise and our inventory is constantly changing with new items arriving daily! Many of our items include a warranty to add peace of mind when you purchase from Fast Cash.

If You're Pawning...

​​Pawnbroking is the quickest and most efficient way of obtaining an immediate cash loan.

We are currently pawning in all 3 of our locations. 

To obtain your loan, you pledge property you own as collateral and simply turn your goods temporarily back into the cash it once was. In effect, you are borrowing from yourself. There are no credit checks, no I O U’s from friends or family, no high interest cash advances on your credit cards, and no negative repercussions for unpaid loans. It’s a safe, secure and fast way to borrow cash based upon your collateral. 

​Terms and Conditions

Personal collateral loans are issued on a 90 day term at a state regulated interest rate of 4.5%, compounded monthly, with an 8% service charge not to exceed $4.00 per loan ticket. Lost, damaged or stolen tickets will incur a $5.00 fee per ticket. You can redeem your collateral anytime within the 90 day loan period, or renew your loan contract for an additional 90 days by simply paying your interest and service fee. You may renew as many times as needed.

Pawning Procedures

Fast Cash is licensed and regulated by the State of New Jersey Department of Banking and Insurance. Our clients have the assurance of knowing they are dealing with a reputable business, regulated by state law and cooperates closely with local law enforcement agencies. Loans are made based on the intrinsic value of a clients personal property. After a loan amount is decided, a pawn ticket is issued stating the amount of the loan and the specific time period that Fast Cash will hold the clients property. You must be 18 years of age and have state photo ID to receive a loan. A photo is taken during the transaction.

Property will be safe and well cared for. A pawnbroker is bound by law to protect the clients rights as noted in the loan agreement. The borrower is not obligated in any way to come back and pick up their property, but on average 90% of all loans made at Fast Cash are repaid.